Wellbeing Workshop: Inner Research Through Arts

Wellbeing Workshop: Inner Research Through Arts is a transformative process designed to give the creative particle (hidden in all humans) a safe space to come forward and ultimately enrich the participant’s life. It consists of series of expressive exercises performed in a progressive order for a gradual enabling of a flow of the authentic self. The enabling lies in simplicity and rawness of the tasks and their underlying theme of inner research. The workshop employs Joseph Campbell’s philosophy that it is through inner journey, through feelings and wounds that the creative particle can be unleashed to life and that its nature is not a skill or mindset like definitions of creativity would suggest, but a state of being in alignment with our true authentic selves. It is the workshop’s foundation to offer a space for silence and a blank page above everything else in the light of ever-increasing noise in the hyper-consumeristic Western world. The countless amount of images and text bombarding us everyday are the very reason for why this workshop exist in the first place. It derived from exhaustion and frustration at the consuming noise that keeps us busy and distant from being in touch with our authentic voice.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop or are looking for a workshop facilitator please get in touch – jagoda7esna@gmail.com – updates on upcoming workshop dates will appear on my Instagram account – @berry_j_blue